How do I create or join a team?

During Registration: How do I create/join my team?

1. Select your desired race and begin the registration process. Please note, you MUST select the same time block as your team if you wish to receive the same start time. 

2. On the registration page, you will come to the "Team and Start Time" section. From there, just select the box to join or create a team.  TS_Teams1.png 


After registration: How do I create/join a team?

1. If you need to create or join a team and you have already registered, log into your Spartan Ticket account .

2. Once logged in, choose the gear on the right side of the page next to your ticket. TS_Teams2.png

3. Select "Change Order".

4. Choose the "Change Information" box.

5. Click "Edit" next to your ticket. 

6. Scroll down to "Team and wave time". 

7. From there you can create or join a team! 


* Please note, all team members who wish to have the same start time must register for the same Time block (Elite, Age group, Morning, or Afternoon). For example, if a team has members registered for BOTH Morning and Afternoon Time Blocks, all Morning Time Block team members will be moved together within the Morning Time Block, and all Afternoon Time Block team members will be grouped together within the Afternoon Time Block. 

* Please note that all team adjustments must be made at least 21 days before the event.

* If you have any questions please contact the Customer Service Team -



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